Full length X-rays by ‘stitching’ in osirix

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you can make full length X-rays by using the fusion feature in osirix. using two or more digital X-rays.

the original technique is described for X-ray film, using a simple frame to stack the cassettes and then join them.

Technical Note – JOCR Oct – Dec 2011

the same thing can be done by using CR digital cassettes, instead of analog film cassettes, and stitching them digitally in osirix.

the resultant full length X-ray can be used for deformity planning etc.

1. make a stand like we have in MAH (refer to http://www.jocr.co.in/wp/2011/11/19/technical-note-jocr-oct-dec-2011/)
2. stack three digital cassettes on that stand
2a. keep two k wires 10 mm on either side such that they are half on the upper and half on the lower cassette.
2b. expose in a single shoot, with X-ray centred on knee
3. get two or three dicom images depending on how many cassettes were used. .
4. stitch the images in osirix (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLrDGupi2MY)
5. adjust the images such that the two k wires are perfectly aligned in between the two images, and keep a gap between the two images such that the length of the K wire is 10 mm.

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