Shivashankar’s Technique of Steinmann Pin Reduction and K Wire Fixation Cooper ONC demo

Reduction of IT fracture in lateral view is very very important as even a 25% loss of reduction means over 50% loss of bony contact!!!.
Here the technique of percutaneous reduction using Steinmann pin is shown. Once the fracture is reduced ( in abduction in majority), two K wires of 3 mm are used to fix the fracture so that they do not come in the way of nail or neck screw subsequently, then the limb is adducted and entry taken for nailing. The fracture fixation with K wire prevents loss of reduction, ease f nailing in adduction and most importantly no varus. Thanks to Dr Rajendra Wankhede from Kalyan who has taken this video clip from the screen in the hall during live demonstration surgery at RN Cooper Medical College Hospital in Mumbai on 4th June 2016 during Operative Nailing Course. Can we call this as Shivashankar's technique?

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