BOS Deformity Course 2017 : Hip valgus osteotomy planning

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Another way of doing Hip osteotomy planning. Goal is to recreate the opposite normal side. Using the NSA of the opposite side - 124 degrees in this case. use a 120 degree blade plate. double angle, osteotomy plate not needed. Put the plate in the centre of head and neck. entry point is around the trochanteric ridge. do the osteotomy subtrochanteric. 'rotate' the proximal fragment around the centre of head, till plate is aligned to the shaft. you can move the tracing up, to achieve length. whatever is the overlapping portion is the amount that will be excised at surgery. flip the tracing over, and confirm that it more or less is the same as the opposite normal side. can play with the angle of device, entry point and track of blade, level of osteotomy and amount excised, till you get it right. then you know your level of transverse osteotomy, and how much wedge to be removed from that proximal fragment on the lateral aspect to get good contact of the two fragments. Pauwels angle after this correction was 30 degrees.

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