IFICS Treasury: World of Knowledge on Fractures in Children @ your finger tips

Access to IFICS Treasury is for IFICS Registered Delegates only:
Please see details below if you cant access the Sessions

If you are already registered with IFICS, Click the Session links below to access the Treasury


🔹How to access IFICS Treasury on OrthoTV?
Access to IFICS Treasury is for IFICS Registered Delegates ,invited Guests and Faculty of IFICS only: It  will also include  Complimentary access to all OrthoTV Content too including more than 1500 videos

🔸If you are already an OrthoTV Member & registered with IFICS: Your account is upgraded and you will be able to access the treasury by simply logging into OrthoTV

🔸If you are not an OrthoTV Member & Registered with IFICS: A special IFICS account is created for you on OrthoTV. You might have received an email with login details from OrthoTV Website in your inbox in the last 48 hours [Check spam too]. You can login with those details to access the treasury. If not please contact us on the email below

🔸Registration to IFICS is essential to access the Treasury: Register here if not already done: http://www.ifics.in/

🔹Best practices: Use Google Chrome browser to access the treasury and preferably use a laptop. You can use smartTV as well as smart phones to access.

For any issues with Registration or access to registry please email to us on [email protected]


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