Dr Maulin Shah

Dr. Maulin Shah
Consultant Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
OrthoKids Clinic, Ahmedabad

  • MBBS (Gold Medalist)
  • MS Ortho. (Gold Medalist)
  • DNB Orthopedics
  • Fellow Pediatric Orthopedics, COC, Mumbai
  • Fellow Pediatric Orthopedics, Iowa, USA
  • Fellow Pediatric Orthopedics, SickKids, Toronto, CANADA
  • President, Ahmedabad Orthopedic Society (2014)
  • Editor, Pediatric Orthopedic & Related Science (PORS – official journal of Pediatric Orthopedic Society of India)
  • Editor, “Challenges in Management of Pediatric Bone & Joint Infections” - a concise book on managing osteo-articular infections in children.