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Dr. Sergio Rowinski is a Shoulder and Elbow surgeon, who lives in São Paulo, Brazil. He deals routinely with daily 

Shoulder and Elbow common and mostly degenerative pathology, in office work, and he habitually manages Complex Shoulder and Elbow Trauma cases.
Additionally, he travels every month to the Amazon, since 2012, where he performs a regular substantial shoulder arthroscopic work.
Passionate about Orthopaedic education, Dr. Sergio has already been in India several times, continuously helping local surgeons, amongst many places and cities, in developing their clinical and surgical abilities, in shoulder and elbow practice. Such support to many local indian Orthopaedic communities is frequently maintained, through different media platforms (Whatsapp, Telegram, email, etc).  

In 2018, Dr. Sergio created his own personal project, in International Education in Shoulder and Elbow Medicine and Surgery, named as SHOULDERPLANET.

New educational videos are released at ShoulderPlanet youtube channel every Saturday (, and also in Ortho TV.

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