Technology has grown rapidly and the medical field has harnessed this technological advancement specially to spread knowledge and add to academics.

Ortho TV is one such project that completely relies on technology and ‘Academic Philanthropy’.
OrthoTV is an Open Access online Educational Portal Free for all Orthopaedic Surgeons, that hosts and streams Orthopaedic Videos, Podcasts, Symposiums & much more

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OrthoTV Netflix of Orthopaedics

Our Mission

Value Addition to Orthopaedic Education through Academic Philanthropy is the Core Principle on which Orthopaedic Research Group and OrthoTV are built

Our Vision

Ortho TV aims to provide a platform where videos of conferences and talks can be made available to all orthopaedic surgeons across the globe completely free of cost.

Our Values

Providing Quality Education to Global Orthopaedic Community

Improving Patient Outcome through Education

Creating a Repository of Orthopaedic Videos for Future Generations of Orthopaedics

Helping develop Concepts in Trainees throught Fellowship & Courses


Our Story

OrthoTV was conceived in 2012 and covered the events of POSICON 2012 in Pune. Since then, we have worked with conferences like IOACON, Pune trauma course, Pune Knee Course etc every year to make their content online. Global Live streaming of Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Conference 2017 was the world’s First Live Stream of a complete 3 Day physical conference & continues to be unique aspect of OrthoTV. Over the years OrthoTV has Live streamed more than 150 major minor Orthopaedic Conferences. Since 2018 we are regularly holding webinars and online symposiums & since 2020 we held more than 4300 webinars and conferences. We are regularly Collaborating with International Bodies like IOA, SICOT, APOA, APKS, APWA, ASAMI etc and also collaborating with Industry

Our Team

Ashok Shyam

Dr. Ashok Shyam

Founder OrthoTV

Neeraj Bijlani

Dr. Neeraj Bijlani


Dr. Parag Sancheti

Dr. Parag Sancheti


Dr. Mangal Parihar

Dr. Mangal Parihar


Dr Shamshul Hoda

Dr Shamshul Hoda

Team Leader