BAJIS WEBINAR SERIES : Prosthetic Joint Infection


OrthoTV is Glad to Collaborate with the Bone and Joint Infection Society (UK) and bring their content to OrthoTV platform for our Viewers

🔆Session 1: Prosthetic Joint Infection

🔆Wednesday 24th January 11:30PM (IST)

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Mr Jason Webb - Bristol
"Biofilm Matters"

Dr Elizabeth Darley - Bristol
"Selecting oral antibiotics for PJI"

Professor Lee Jeys - Birmingham
"Managing recurrent infection"

🔆Industry talk
Role of DALBC for PJI - Dr Christof Berberich, Heraeus Medical


Professor Dominic Meek - Glasgow

Mr lan Kennedy - Glasgow

🤝 OrthoTV Team: Dr Ashok Shyam, Dr Neeraj Bijlani

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