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BSS quarterly Clinical Meeting

*BSS quarterly Clinical Meeting* Saturday, 17th October 6.45pm to 9 pm http://bit.ly/OrthoTV-BSS-ClinicalMeet Academic Conveners : *Dr Sandeep Sonone, Dr Uday Pawar Dr Amit Kumar Sharma* Panelists : Senior BSS members Part 1 Interactive Case discussions -BSS members ( 4 cases ) Part 2 Invited Guest Lecture *Prof Gabriel Liu* - NUHS, Singapore - *Degenerative Spine Defomity* - Dillemmas , Challenges and decision making Part 3 Interactive Case discussion - BSS members ( 4 cases) BSS Secretary - Dr Vishal Kundnani BSS President - Dr S K Srivastava Technology Co-Ordinator : Dr Neeraj Bijlani Organised by Bombay Spine Society - Streaming on OrthoTV