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BOS Impetus 2016 – Scoliosis Examination – Dr Kshitij Chaudhari

This is a talk delivered during the Post Graduate Preparatory Course BOS Impetus on 21st February 2016 by Dr Kshitij Chaudhari (Visited 2803 times, 1 visits today)

Elbow Series: Elbow Instabilities: Dr Christos Koukos & Dr Asim Negi

💪💪 ELBOW SERIES -- ELBOW INSTABILITY 💪💪 ⏱️ Join at 8 pm IST on Thursday 13th August 🛎️ Click on the link to watch: 🔸 Speakers 1. Dr. Med. Christos Koukos Head of Arthroscopy division EVK Metmann , Germany --- ELBOW INSTABILITY AND INTERNAL BRACING 2. Dr. Asim Negi Indore, India -- Interesting Case […]