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Welcome to OrthoTV Global

We tried to answer most of the common questions here, however if you still have any queries please feel free to contact us


1.How to Register for OrthoTV Global?
- Use the online registration form for submitting your application. Application will be verified by the admin Team and if more details are required it will be asked from you through the registered email. You will receive the ID PW to login after registration

2. How can my Academic Society Participate with OrthoTV?
We are open to collaboration with Academic societies across the globe: Please fill the form and send your application for collaborating : Click here

3. How to Search Videos on OrthoTV ?
- Type Keywords in box below [Speaker name, diagnosis, surgery name, date of webinar [July 2020] or any related Keyword to find more than 4000 videos on OrthoTV

4. How to register for Events?
- Few select events, Fellowships and courses have registration forms. Please use the registration forms on the event page to register

5. Is there a refund policy for the paid Events?
Yes, there is a detailed refund policy, please click here to read it

6. How can I become a speaker on OrthoTV?
- If you are interested in becoming speaker on OrthoTV, Please send us your details by email to [email protected]

7. How do we contact OrthoTV?
- Please click here to find the contact details

8. Whom can I talk to, if i have a query, complaint or need technical assitance?
- You can use the contact details in the contact page or write to us on [email protected]

9. What are the terms of services for services offered on OrthoTV?
- Please click here to read the detailed Terms of Services for using OrthoTV Webportal

10. What are the privacy policies for OrthoTV Webportal?
- Please click here to read the detailed privacy policy for use of OrthoTV Portal

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