Pricing for services

OrthoTV is a premier online educational platform for orthopedic professionals, dedicated to advancing orthopedic knowledge, fostering collaboration, and facilitating professional growth. We offer a range of paid services that cater to the specific needs of the orthopedic community.

  1. Marketing for Conferences: Our marketing service helps orthopedic conferences and events gain increased visibility and reach. Through our extensive network and social media presence, we promote these conferences, ensuring that relevant professionals are aware of upcoming events. By leveraging our platform, conferences can attract a wider audience, enhance participation, and facilitate networking opportunities among orthopedic experts. The pricing for the event is customised depending on nature of the conference, national or international, days per week of marketing, designing of flyers and videos if needed.
  2. Live Streaming of Conferences and Events: Our live streaming service brings conferences and events in the field of orthopedics to a global audience. We enable remote participants to access and engage with conference proceedings in real-time, regardless of their geographical location. By providing live streaming options, we expand the reach and impact of conferences, allowing orthopedic professionals from around the world to virtually attend and benefit from the educational content and discussions. Pricing depends on the number of days of the event and duration of each day event and also number of parallel sessions running during the event
  3. Online Fellowships in Orthopaedics: Our online fellowship programs offer orthopedic professionals a unique learning experience. These fellowships typically last for 2 to 3 months and provide an opportunity to interact with mentors and engage in activities aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills. By participating in our online fellowships, orthopedic professionals can gain valuable insights, improve surgical techniques, and reduce complications. The mentorship and collaborative environment fostered by our online fellowships contribute to professional growth and advancement. The pricing of each fellowship is diffirent and depends on the mentors , number of weeks the fellowship runs, inclusion of physical event or cadaveric course in the fellowship