“Solapur Technique” of Interlocking Nailing

From a old VHS Casette, this digital format of Solapur Technique Video has been digitalised after 18 years. But it shows the gist of the technique of Interlocking by Guide Wire Sounding or Tik Tik Technique, though the audio is poor initially. Normally we take 2 Views, that is AP and Lateral to confirm Interlocking with C arm, but here in Solapur Technique we are relying not on two but many parametres like 1. The feel of passing K wire into the interlocking hole 2. By hearing sound Tik Tik. 3. Visually seeing Dancing K wire. 4. By Feeling the Vibrations when sounding, and. 5. Measuring the Guide Wire length, to confirm that guide wire was actually touching the K wire in the hole, etc so it is very difficult to miss the interlocking hole by this simple technique, which is useful even today whenever the C arm IITV fails working! initially