AJRI Webinar – Arthroplasty of the Valgus Knee

AJRI Presents "ORTHO-TALKS" in collaboration with OrthoTV 🔹The Second Episode of Ortho-Talks 15th October at 7 pm IST 🔺Join Here: http://bit.ly/OrthoTV-AJRI-Arthroplasty 🔺Topic: Arthroplasty for Valgus Knee - the AJRI Approach 🔸Principles of planning in Valgus Knee : Dr. P Suryanarayan 🔸Patho-Anatomy Difference from Various Knee : Dr Vijay Bose 🔸Clinical Scenario : Dr K .Kalaivanan & Dr Ashok Kumar PS Valgus Knee with intact MCL / Lax MCL / Robotic Technology in Valgus TKA 🔹Organised by Asian Joint Reconstruction Institute (AJRI) 🔹Streaming live on www.orthotvonline.com