OrthoTV Original – Getting the basics right in Primary THR – Version and Offset – Dr Girish Dewnany

♦️OrthoTV Original Series on *Arthroplasty* ?Topic: *Getting the Basics right in Primary THR - Version and Offset* ?Speaker: Dr *Girish Dewnany*, Consultant Arthroplasty Surgeon - Mumbai ?Panelist: Dr Neeraj Bijlani and Dr Gaurav Kanade ?Join to know to know the very basics which will help you achieve the long term results of THR ?Friday - 31st July 8.00 pm India Time ?Click Here to Join: bit.ly/OrthoTV-GSK-18 Or https://www.facebook.com/groups/indian.ortho/ ♦️Supported by Unrestricted Educational Grant by GSK Consumer || Makers of Iodex Ultra Gel