Foot and Ankle Webinar – Ankle Arthritis – All you need to know from Osteotomies to Replacement – Dr Pradeep Moonot

OrthoTV Presents Webinar on *Ankle Arthritis: All you need to know Osteotomies to Replacement* Saturday -18th July 2020 - 7 pm IST Moderator : Dr *Pradeep Moonot* Speakers: Dr Kamal Dudeja - Pathomechanics of Ankle Arthritis Dr Abdul Gafoor PM - Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion Dr Rahul Upadhyay - Open Ankle Fusion Case Discussion : Dr Kushal Nag & Dr J Parthiban Join to know the latest updates Streaming Live on OrthoTV Technical Support by Crosslands Life - A Sun Pharma Division - Makers of VolitraAPS and Altraday

OrthoTV Original Series MRI : Yes Ankleji Aur Batao – Dr Aditya Daftary

*OrthoTV Original Series: Musculoskeletal MRI* Speaker: Dr *Aditya Daftary* - Musculoskeletal Radiologist, Innovision, Mumbai Topic:*Yes Ankleji* Aur Batao Panelist: Dr Abhishek Kini, Dr Rajat Chopra Technology Co-ordinator: Dr Neeraj Bijlani Date/Time: Thursday - 9th July 2020 4.30 pm India Time *Click Here to Join:* Please WhatsApp your questions by clicking here - Register now on