Spiritual Saturday – Inner Peace for a Better World – Vipassana Meditation

Link to download Anapana audios https://www.vridhamma.org/Mini-Anapana Link to see Hindi video - Introduction to Vipassana Link to see English video - Inner Peace for a Better World Connect to Vipassana Research Institute: www.vridhamma.org  YouTube - Subscribe Vipassana Meditation - youtube.com/user/vipassanaorg  Twitter - https://twitter.com/VipassanaOrg  Facebook - https://business.facebook.com/Vipassanaorganisation  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/vipassanaorg/  Telegram: […]

Spiritual Saturday – Yoga for Success – Isha Foundation Program

amaskaram, To support you during these challenging times, we are happy to offer a webinar on "Yoga for Success" , this Saturday, 18th july at 8.30 am. This session offers simple but powerful practices to help eliminate lethargy and foster mental clarity and focus. Participants do not need any flexibility or previous experience of yoga. […]

Monday Motivation – TRANSCENDENTAL BREATHWORK – Journey to the unknown – Shreans Daga

Monday Motivation Webinar Topic: TRANSCENDENTAL BREATHWORK - Journey to the unknown Date: 13th July 2020 | Time: 6:30pm ( Join on time to take full advantage of the program) Talk & Meditation by Shreans Daga - Vice-Chairman & Trustee -Pyramid Valley International (Bengaluru), and Executive Director of Thriive Art & Soul Moderators: Dr Tushar Agrawal & Dr Neeraj Bijlani It is recommended to be empty stomach for at least 2.5 hours before the session starts. A must attend Webinar during Covid Times https://bit.ly/OrthoTV-Motivation-18 Please WhatsApp your questions to +918779432854

Monday Motivation : How to overcome stress and anxiety during uncertain times – Mr Sunil Parekh

✨Monday Motivation Webinar *Topic: How to Overcome Anxiety & Stress in Uncertain Times* Date: 29th June 2020 | Time: 9:00pm Speaker: Mr Sunil Parekh - International Success Coach, Human Potential and Mind Power Expert, Keynote Speaker and Author Join to learn new and simple techniques to release stress within minutes A must attend during Covid times ?Streaming on OrthoTv online : https://bit.ly/OrthoTV-Motivation-14 Please WhatsApp your questions to Dr Tushar Agarwal - +918779432854