About Us


Value Addition to Orthopaedic Education through Academic Philanthropy is the Core Principle on which Orthopaedic Research Group and OrthoTV are built


OrthoTV was conceived in 2013 and covered the events of POSICON 2013 in Pune. Since then, we have worked with conferences like IOACON, PTC etc every year to make their content online. Global Live streaming of Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Conference 2017 was the world’s First Live Stream of a complete 3 Day physical conference & continues to be unique aspect of OrthoTV. Over the years OrthoTV has Live streamed more than 150 major minor Orthopaedic Conferences. Since 2018 we are regularly holding webinars and online symposiums & during 2020 we held more than 1300 webinars and conferences. We are regularly Collaborating with International Bodies like IOA, SICOT, APOA (Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association), BIOS (British Indian Orthopaedic Society), BHS (British Hip Society), APAS, APSS, BAPKS, APWA, ASAMI INDIA etc


We have now developed OrthoTV as an Aggregating & Streaming platform from various Orthopaedic resources and cataloguing them. This is an attempt to create a comprehensive and robust platform for all associations, societies and individuals to host their webinars, podcasts, surgical videos and any other academic content. We also provide help in running online programs through zoom and help in organising, coordinating and streaming.

Think of us like a huge movie theatre or Netflix or  Youtube for Orthopaedics  where webinars from socities, associations and individual surgeons will be screened.


Our vision is to create an Open Access Academic Portal where every association, academic body or individual will be able to host their content and outreach maximum viewers


Currently Our Monthly Viewership across all platform crosses 2,00,000 views every month with viewers from more than 50 countries. We are  working with more than 50 societies and are hosting more than 4000 Academic videos on our website. Our Network spreads to more than 40,000 Orthopaedic surgeons across the Globe. Our viewer base is spread to more than 50 countries and we have hosted speakers from more than 100 countries in last one year. We are hosting content in English, Spanish & Portugese languages.


We have developed collaboration with various countries and have subsidiaries like OrthoTV Brasil, OrthoTV IBERO America, OrthoTV UK, OrthoTV Turkey and OrthoTV Asia Pacific

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