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We believe everyone of us has come across certain important learning points in our practice and if we sharewith each other we can all be wiser


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✨Presenting OrthoTV Studios✨

OrthoTV was created with the idea to provide an open access to excellent academic content for all of us and also to allow us to showcase our own content.

Through OrthoTV Studios, we would like to welcome all of you, individually as well as part of organising team, specialist societies, district, state, national or international associations to showcase your content on OrthoTV and allow open access to thousands of orthopaedic surgeons from across the globe.

If you wish to contribute any video, lecture, talk, surgical technique, or wish to organise a live event on orthotv, please write to us on [email protected]

OrthoTV is a portal made by orthosurgeons, for the orthosurgeons and of the orthosurgeon and we are committed to keep it an OPEN ACCESS Portal FREE for all of us. And only way to enrich this portal is by adding good quality content by contributions from Everyone. Please do join us in creating this portal not only for ourselves but for future generations of Orthopaedic Surgeons

How can you contribute as an Individual Surgeon?

We believe everyone of us has come across certain important learning points in our practice and if we sharewith each other we can all be wiser.
As an individual surgeon you can share videos of following
1. If you are a known expert in your field, you can send us the details of one lecture or a series of lecture which you can take on the topic. The OrthoTV Studio team will go through the proposal and if project is approved in peer review, we will help you in setting up the recording and the program

2. If you have good video recording of surgical procedure with a commentary, you can submit to OrthoTV Studio team for review. After review the video can be put up on orthotv with due acknowledgement to you

3. If you have a complex case that you feel has a good learning point, you can create a recorded presentation [or we can help you create it online] and we can peer review and publish the video

4. If you are author of a journal article, you can give a live commentary and video presentation on your article. This will help you reach more viewers. Please submit the full text pf your paper to OrthoTV Studios team and we will get back to you after approval

5. If you have and YOUTUBE Channel, where you have put up academic videos, please send us the link of your you tube channel. OrthoTV Team will go through the videos and selected videos can then premiere on OrthoTV under your name




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