Spiritual Saturday – Yoga for Success – Isha Foundation Program

To support you during these challenging times, we are happy to offer a webinar on "Yoga for Success" , this Saturday, 18th july at 8.30 am.
This session offers simple but powerful practices to help eliminate lethargy and foster mental clarity and focus. Participants do not need any flexibility or previous experience of yoga.
Improve focus, memory and productivity
Relieve neck and shoulder pain
Stretch & activate the spine
Strengthen muscles around the spine
Provide relief from back pain, stress and
Please make note of the following guidelines to make full use of what is being offered:
Dedicate 70 minutes exclusively for this session.
It is best to avoid any interruptions or distractions like getting up, eating, drinking, or going to the restroom.
If you have children or pets that might interrupt you, please ensure that they are taken care of duration of the session.
You should be somewhat hungry or on a light stomach, which is the optimal condition (2.5 hours after a meal).
Ensure you have a steady internet connection.
It is best to connect through a laptop and keep your phone switched off.
It would be best to use headphones.
We are looking forward to you joining us.
Isha Volunteers