OrthoTV Original – Current trends in Spinal Tuberculosis Management – Dr Shah Waliullah

OrthoTV Original Series on *Spine* 🔹Topic: Current Trends in Spinal Tuberculosis Management 🔹Speaker: Dr Shah Waliullah, Associate Professor, King George Medical University, Lucknow 🔺Panelist: Dr Neeraj Bijlani / Dr Salim Patel 🔹Date/ Time: 15th August 2020 9:00 pm India Time 🔹Join to know the tips and tricks and protocol for comprehensive management of spinal tuberculosis 🔺Click Here to Join: https://bit.ly/OrthoTV-Zydus-20 or *https://www.facebook.com/groups/indian.ortho/* ♦️Supported by Unrestricted Educational Grant by Zydus Fortiza || Makers of Deca-Durabolin, Espra

ASSI Master Series – Complications in Cervical Spine Surgery

ASSI Masterseries Webinars Sunday, August 2, 4PM- 6PM Topic: Complications in Cervical Spine Surgery - Blindness - Dysphagia - Dysphonia - Dural tear - Oesophageal tear - Implant and fusion failure - ASD Moderator: Dr Samir Dalvie Convener: Dr Gautam Zaveri ASSI

OrthoTV Original – Emerging technologies in spine surgery – Dr Ajay Kothari

♦️OrthoTV Original Series on *Spine* ?Topic: *Emerging Technologies in Spine Surgery* ?Speaker: Dr *Ajay Kothari*, Consultant Spine Surgeon - SIOR ?Panelist: Dr Pramod Bhillare / Dr Pradhyumn Rathi ?Join to know to know the latest updates and the new technologies which are changing spine surgery ?Time/venue: Friday - 17th July 8.00 pm India Time ?Click Here to Join: https://bit.ly/OrthoTV-GSK-16 Or https://www.facebook.com/groups/indian.ortho/ ♦️Supported by Unrestricted Educational Grant by GSK Consumer || Makers of Iodex Ultra Gel

NMOA Webinar – Primary Tumours of the Spine – Dr Saumyajit Basu

Navi Mumbai Orthopaedic Association ( NMOA) Webinar Series on *Spine* ?Speaker: Dr Saumyajit Basu, Consultant Spine Surgeon, Park Clinic, Kolkatta ?Topic: *Primary Tumours of the Spine* ?Panelist: Dr Raghuprasad Verma / Dr Agnivesh Tikoo ?11th July: 6 pm India Time ?https://bit.ly/OrthoTV-NMOA-6 ?Technology Coordinator: Dr Neeraj Bijlani ?Streaming on OrthoTV - Register now on www.orthotvonline.com